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Five Years & Funding

June 12, 2017

In March 2001 I embarked upon ABR Therapy, having come across Leonid Blyum and his work a few months before. Sixteen years later we have transformed my body and every hour spent working at the therapy has been worth it, and believe me I have put in at least 1,000 hours a year for each of those years. I was never promised a miracle, there are no miracle cures, and it was made clear from the start that changes are seen in hundreds of hours of work. When I started this process I never really thought about how long I would be pursuing it for and, because I have always continued to make slow but steady progress, I’ve kept plugging away year after year. Last year I lost my little part-time job as the Secure Unit for Children that I worked at was restructured leaving no room for my involvement. Since then I’ve relished the extra time I have to concentrate on my therapy work, but paying people to work on me costs considerable money and I’m missing the income from the job, however small it was. What savings I had when I started this therapy are all but depleted and so I have had to think about raising some funds. This, in turn, has led me to think about how much longer I will be continuing the therapy work.

I honestly believe that walking again is an achievable reality. Right now I can support my weight through my legs with a good handhold, which in itself is a major achievement, and what must be appreciated is the enormous rebuilding of collapsed structure necessary to achieve that and the resulting improvements in quality of life. The more those primary structures are rebuilt, the more the body’s natural healing processes come back into play creating a momentum of its own. I may be pursuing ABR Therapy, at some level, for many years to come, but I have to set myself a realistic target and I’ve decided that I need another five years to get up on my feet again. By achieving that I should then be able to gain the recognition that this work deserves and take my mission to a new level whereby others can benefit from this pioneering therapy.

So March 2022 is the target for graduation. It seems a long way off, but there’s no time to lose. I’m working harder than ever and am consistently pleased with progress. Over the last month I’ve felt the connections of the shoulders, to both the spine and the sternum, improving, giving greater stabilisation of the whole shoulder girdle. You may ask what that has to do with getting on my feet again, but I can assure you that all this structure needs rebuilding before the trunk can support the use of the legs. In order to achieve this target I’m looking at raising £8,000 per year for the next five years to cover the cost of employing my therapists.

Below is my fund-raising literature together with a link to the pdf file should you wish to read, download and print it. Paper copies can also be sent on request. Any support you can give me will be greatly appreciated and please share this literature wherever you can; a poster in your workplace, link on your Facebook page etc.

Funding Poster

‘Click Here’ to Download Pdf