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Rocking Chair

September 21, 2015

Rocking Chair

One of the things I love about ABR Therapy is that the principle of ‘no pain no gain’ doesn’t apply in quite the same way. Like any approach to improving your body, progress cannot be made without effort being applied, and with ABR Therapy improvements are seen over the course of ‘hundreds’ of hours of work.Exercising in Rocking Chair However, those hours of work generally involve the application of gentle inputs delivered into the body by hand. In some cases I can deliver those inputs myself, but in many cases I lie passively on a bench while another person delivers the inputs. There could be considered a pain endured in the dedication necessary to put in the hours of work and to stick with it to ensure that improvements come to fruition, but there is no pain of physical exertion.

I have developed an exercise using a rocking chair to input into the legs; the ankle joints in particular and also the knees. This is not a classic ABR exercise, but follows in the same vain, employing bio-mechanical principles and gentle inputs into deep structures of the body. The exercise takes focus and concentration, but is extremely relaxing and after a while can be performed on auto pilot while conscious attention is paid to reading a book, for example. I very much hope that this will help in bringing my ankles back to life after many years of total paralysis.

I will demonstrate the exercise in the following video.