Exposure of Weaknesses

July 17, 2011

When I left hospital with a broken back I had been taken in by the immature thinking of the medical establishment that suggested my problem was one of paralysis from the waist down, caused by nerve damage, while from the waist up I was fine. Such thinking is, of course, absurd and the reality very different. Closer examination of my body, by a trained eye, revealed that the problem is actually one of catastrophic collapse of the intrinsic structure of the body, the inner volume of the trunk (head, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis) being terribly depleted, leaving insufficient capacity to support the use of the legs. What is truly amazing, though, is the body’s ability to adapt in order to carry on regardless. As the structure collapses the body kind of closes up around it to maintain rigidity, burying the weaknesses deep within; out of sight and out of mind.

Until I embarked upon ABR therapy I was not aware of the true extent of the damage to my body. I was aware of weakness in my upper body, but considered this as the need to build up muscular strength, with the increased demands placed upon me by having to deal with paralysed legs, rather than fundamental weakness due to collapse of structure. Through ABR we address the essence of the intrinsic structure, improving the inner volume and once again opening up the body. As we open up the body we expose the weaknesses, one by one, with these weaknesses usually coming to light, in my conscious awareness, in the form of discomfort. Luckily, such discomfort rarely lasts long as, once exposed, the weaknesses are rapidly given the opportunity to grow strong.

This discomfort is a different matter all together from the pain associated with such an injury, and the resulting condition one finds themselves living with. Every case is individual and some spinally injured people never suffer from pain at all, the nerve damage ensuring that they feel nothing. I, was to start with, in great pain from the waist down which then gave way to periodic pains down my left leg. All of this calmed down, over time, as my body settled into its new condition, but was never going to go totally without improving my condition. Throughout the ten years that I have been pursuing ABR therapy we have continually improved the structure of my body and year by year I have lived more and more comfortably. I am now troubled very little with pain and so when discomfort arises it is nearly always a sign of positive change within my body with the exposure of a new weakness; and welcome as such.

Some exposures are very subtle and amount to a tender spot that can only be found by probing, down the spine for instance. Others are far more obvious and some severe. I used to chop many of my logs for the fire to heat my cottage in the winter, until one day we very much exposed an on going weakness at the cervical thoracic junction and I had to get someone to man the axe for me. That weakness strengthened and I finished the winter chopping logs again, but then, last winter, we opened up the shoulder girdle and exposed the weakness in my left shoulder and using an axe was out of the question again. I think I’ll leave chopping logs now until fully fit and strong again, it’s never been very easy while sitting in a wheelchair.

Quite often do I find myself pulling muscles yet I haven’t being doing anything different than usual. What’s happened is that the structure of my body’s improved bringing muscles into play that were previously taken out of the equation. This can then lead me to a conscious awareness of the change.

Last autumn there was a very dramatic exposure as my pelvis began to be brought back to life. The first sign of this was two very sleepless nights with pains in my hip joints. Shortly after I became aware of new found strength and feeling in my pelvis, and sacrum, as we finally created connection between all the elements of the trunk, from head to pelvic floor.

For the latter part of last year and the start of this year I had many headaches which I can only associate with the improvements we have generated in the structure of my head. My right ear is another on going weakness that was buried for a long time before we exposed it, this being damaged in an accident eight years before I broke my back. Although I’ve been deaf in that ear since, for twenty years I had no other problems with the ear. When we exposed the weakness I ended up with an ear infection and have had many such niggling problems for the two years since. Finally with some new techniques I am managing to address that weakness and hope soon to put it behind me.

Strangely enough I look forward to the weakness we expose.

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